Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, my vileboss is gone 4eva, and my work life is both satisfying and busy. So, I am disinterested in updating on a regular basis, much like the people who make up the Js of my 'friends list.' What is with you, middle section?
I have no antics of evil to describe, nor have I done anything remotely exciting in the last few weeks. My grandfather has been in town and his hearing isn't the greatest, so I have done lots of yelling, which, ordinarily forms a part of 'excitement' but does not in this case.
The news, usually bloggably-rich, seems dull. Whereas I used to fill hours of my day reading various newspapers, now, a quick skim of the nytimes front page & most emailed sates me. And I haven't seen a movie worth commenting on in ages (although I do have both a streetcar named desire and the taste of others at home lined up for this weekend), though I have begun watching the first season of Arrested Development & Grey's Anatomy. As the one episode I watched previously suggested, Arrested Development is 4X funnier than everyone said. Buster, I love you.
And Grey's Anatomy, while enjoyable, is a hospital drama which is toxic for me as I tend to cry each and every time someone dies, could die, or talks about dying. So, kinda high-risk behavior for me.
I suppose the biggest news is that I paid my outstanding library fine from high school ($44.50--not bad!) and am now able to use the library again. And I tell you, I love the library! Indeed, it is they who have supplied me with the first season of Arrested Development & A Streetcar Named Desire, as well as assorted other works of fiction and law school-focused books. I just finished "A woman's guide to law school' which has partially convinced me that law school is for chumps and i would rather die than be a lawyer. Now I am taking a break with Zadie Smith's Autograph Man, which 25 pages in (which is probably 5%), seems that it will be acceptably engrossing but not as enjoyable as White Teeth. Anyway, I am pretty excited to be restored to the good graces of my library.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

While I doubt that anyone actually reads my blog with the mind to keep up on the banalities of my life, I nevertheless feel compelled to update about them from time to time.
  • The executive board unceremoniously told my boss that her resignation would be effective Monday (that's two days past now), not the end of April as previously planned. Such elation.
  • Except, unfortunately, I spent Monday and much of the weekend ravaged by influenza. I have since recovered, but the experience was extremely unpretty. Conversely, I think it may have been slenderizing, so all was not lost.
  • Yesterday, I became an advanced user of Microsoft Access under the tutelage of an extremely dull man. I have since managed to completely fuck up our work databases in ways that I had previously never even dreamed.
  • I have begun to prepare to take the LSAT.
  • Unsurprisingly, in light of the above announcement, I have continued to talk myself out of tattooing and have made no moves to ink umbrellas or any other water-repellent on my body.
  • I ate a cookie that has been sitting in the "kitchen" of my work since Friday. It wasn't bad.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh, pretty please, die

My fuckwit boss just set a fire in our microwave. Apparently, she doesn't bother with the timer feature and just cranks it all the way up. You know those fancy-schmancy organic veggie dishes? Amy's, I believe? Yeah, toxic when microwaved past the recommended guidelines. My boss, being responsible for absolutely nothing, used the opportunity to complain about the lack of adequate fire alarms in our building. Then you know, she went in her office and shut the door, leaving me to enhale the no doubt deadly fumes.
As many of you know, my vileboss has resigned and will cease tormenting me with her thoughtlessness, extremely poor social skills and rampant neuroses in a few (not nearly few enough) weeks. I can't wait. Because otherwise, die.