Sunday, October 07, 2012

Things I don't like about Hart of Dixie

  • That we are supposed to believe anyone talks like these people
  • That we are supposed to believe Jaime King is under 30. Sure, it's not uncommon for a woman of 33 to play someone in her 20s, but there is nothing youthful about the face of Lemon Breeland. 
  • Everything about Lemon Breeland, except her sparkly cardigans, which are awesome. 
  • Jaime King's utterly absurd Southern accent
  • The character of Lemon Breeland, especially everything she says and how she looks, except for some of her outfits
  • That we are supposed to believe anyone would love Lemon Breeland.
  • Another problem with Hart of Dixie is that I keep watching it. That might be the heart of the Hart of Dixie issues, actually.
  • I do like Rachel Bilson. I can't help it. She's so cute and spunky and she has such nice outfits all of the time. 
  • Some people, myself included, insist that lists should be parallel. I think this list demonstrates that is not always true.