Monday, August 29, 2005

Whee Croatia whee coffee

Yeah, Zagreb rocks. It's full of lots of outdoor cafes where you can get a cappucino for less than a euro! Funny that it's a euro, not an euro, because that sounds stupid.
So, as it's Monday and everything cultural is closed, Bill and I are forced to drink cheap coffee and smoke cheap cigarettes. Probably soon we will have to get a cheap slice of pizza.
Now, Croatia is not as cheap as one might think, given the whole relatively recent war and former-Yugoslavia business. (Incidentally, my mom studied Socialism in Yugoslavia something like 90 years ago. Or perhaps like, 30 years ago. Isn't that weird? She has an MBA). While lodgings, nice dinners and internet cafes are no great bargain, consuming pizza, coffee, beer and cigarettes are tremendously cheap. Obviously, this is the most important thing. Another good thing to note, which we discovered on a rainy day in the beach town of Pula, is that Croatian TV is almost entirely in English! Indeed, we saw Harry and the Hendersons with Croatian subtitles. Also, a number of other forgotten series and movies. But also Boston Public, which, as always, rocked. Oh yes, I look forward to returning to Kansas where the best thing to do is watch my mom's fancy digital cable (and to think, she used to be a communist).
This afternoon, to Budapest and fancy baths!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More on the greatness of Ljubljana

Last night, Bill and I saw 3 free bands and one free play (which was a little boring, being in Slovenian). And when I say free, I mean, free! Not buskers! Glory!
Also, I am of the firm belief that David Lodge rocks. He's hysterical.


is where Bill and I are at the moment. It is lovely. Yesterday we ate Mexican food here! We arrived from Venice which has already started sinking. Literally the canals were higher than the streets. And Piazza San Marco was about 4 inches (that's roughy 12 centimeters) under water, more in some places! Which could have been really fun, if I were still young. Indeed, I think 12 years ago there would have been nothing I would have liked more than standing in half a foot of water and feeding pidgeons. However, in recent years I have begun to prefer dryer feet.
In any case, today we explore the bustling metropolis of lovely Ljubljana and tomorrow we will perhaps head to the Julian Alps and Lake Bled, or perhaps the town of Split (in Croatia).
I hope that you know where Ljubljana is or at least look it up, I admit that perhaps I was unaware of this country and town a year ago, before I began reading my Let's Go Europe.
Whee Ljubljana.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Firenze Schmirenze

So here Bill and I are in Florence, which is basically closed. Or where it's not closed, it's got a line out the wazoo. sigh. I know Italy's supposed to be like, the worst country in the world to visit in August, so I was prepared mentally for this, but not emotionally. All my favorite stuff from when I studied here is closed, and man, life was much much better when the professors took us through the museums, etc. And a lot cheaper.
Still, it's nice to be here and the weather is beautiful.
Now we are trying to sort out Rome, etc. I am tired.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Brave New Girl

So, Bill and I just returned from the weekend of fun with our Spanish friend Pablo.
Saturday, we arrived in Mojacar, where Pablo collected us from the bus station, took us to the hotel and demanded we change instantly into swimwear to meet his friends at the pool.
We did, and then I met the 11 20something Spanish guys we were to spend the weekend with. In my bikini. The stuff nightmares are made of. As a Kansan, I don´t really consider swimwear to be regular clothes, like those from Florida or Spain. Indeed, I am quite uncomfortable with the concept. So I am brave.
In any case, we went to the beach, and then, in the middle of the night, had dinner, where Pablo and his friends ordered while Bill and I sat incomprehendingly. And, as it often is on the beach, dinner turned out to be seafood, and more seafood! Fish with their heads, mussels, calamari, all sorts of things that I never, ever eat. But I was brave again (emboldened, perhaps, by the many pitchers of sangria consumed) and in fact, even liked the fish. Especially, oddly enough, the fish with the heads still on!
In any case, after a long night of drinking that Bill and I had to wuss out of at 4 am, we spent the next day on the beach, then went to Mazarron where Pablo´s family stays during the summer.
There, we spent two more days eating, drinking, and playing in seas and pools. And I continued to be brave, attempting to speak Spanish to Pablo´s non-english speaking parents and trying even more seafood! Clams, fully dressed with eyes prawns, more mussels and calimari, crab, etc. But I was so brave and in fact discovered that I love clams.
Incidentally, Pablo´s friends and family are about the coolest ever and I could not possibly have had more fun. Murcia is the best province in Spain, it is true. Also, they have peaches there that are literally the size of grapefruits. And man are they good!
Now we are in Barcelona, which hopefully will not require so much courage.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hot Granada

So, we got sunburned on the beach, but still Cadiz was very nice.
And Granada, well, blah. It´s nice, and the Alhambra was pretty cool... but not as superspecial as I was led to believe. See Bill´s blog on this issue.
Although he lies constantly.
In my opinion, Seville and Granada´s cool Moorish stuff have not successfully topped Cordoba's. Mostly because Cordoba´s was first, and also, it was less crowded.
Tomorrow we beging trying not to get sunburned in earnest.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Wheee! Cordoba is the prettiest, Sevilla is the hottest and most delicious.
Tomorrow, beach in Cadiz. Love cold water.