Wednesday, April 12, 2006

While I doubt that anyone actually reads my blog with the mind to keep up on the banalities of my life, I nevertheless feel compelled to update about them from time to time.
  • The executive board unceremoniously told my boss that her resignation would be effective Monday (that's two days past now), not the end of April as previously planned. Such elation.
  • Except, unfortunately, I spent Monday and much of the weekend ravaged by influenza. I have since recovered, but the experience was extremely unpretty. Conversely, I think it may have been slenderizing, so all was not lost.
  • Yesterday, I became an advanced user of Microsoft Access under the tutelage of an extremely dull man. I have since managed to completely fuck up our work databases in ways that I had previously never even dreamed.
  • I have begun to prepare to take the LSAT.
  • Unsurprisingly, in light of the above announcement, I have continued to talk myself out of tattooing and have made no moves to ink umbrellas or any other water-repellent on my body.
  • I ate a cookie that has been sitting in the "kitchen" of my work since Friday. It wasn't bad.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Dear Ruth,

You can no longer hide, for I have tracked you down, all thanks to my skillful use of the "search" feature on facebook and my habit of searching for people I haven't talked to in some time. Like you.

I'm going to catch up on your life now, by reading your blog. We should get together sometime. I randomly read your entry about finding "new" places in Kansas City that you didn't know existed when growing up, and I agree completely. Drinks?