Saturday, October 18, 2008

Public transit, why suck so hard?

I don't want to own a car. I currently own a totaled car that will someday soon turn into a check from an insurance company.

Bill has a perfectly nice car, a flexible schedule, and a kind heart. I have a perfectly nice carpool to work several days a week, and an interest in living without a car.

After experiencing the wonders of Philly Car Share with Margaret last year, I thought, oh, maybe there is a car just a few blocks away from me that I can grab from time to time. Alas, LA does not have a similar program save an unhelpful zipcar program through the universities.

I then rethought the bus or bike route to work. Bicycling frightens me as I'd have to ride down a strip of high traffic, bike-laneless road before arriving to work, plus I don't want to be sloppy or smelly at work (anymore than I am now, anyway).

I could take two buses to work, but that would take me nearly two hours.

My best idea so far? Ride bike 3 miles, take bus 45 minutes.

I live, by the way, just 7 miles from work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008