Monday, May 08, 2006

high school

Well, I spent a significant portion of my past weekend at my high school alma mater, supporting my small brothers in various activities. Some commentary:
  • Those bitches have more expensive jeans than me, and fancier hair too. I consoled myself with the fact that they no doubt can't use a semi-colon to save their life.
  • I tried to take comfort in the fact that I can hold my liquor better, but then realized that honestly, my tolerance has never surpassed my 12th grade drinking abilities.
  • I also tried to take comfort in the fact I was definitely cooler than them, and contemplated pointing out that I was 'rude' when they were toddlers, and listened to Belle & Sebastian when they were rocking out to Raffi. Then I wondered if Belle & Sebastian are still cool, and started feeling bad about what little attention I pay to new music.
  • I saw a tween in a Killers shirt this weekend. I bought a Killers CD a few months ago. I can't say I've succeeded in getting into it. I know that some of my cooler friends like them a lot, so I am still trying. But given the choice of NPR or the Killers, I'll take NPR.
  • I also saw several kids in Grateful Dead/DMB/Phish shirts & cargo shorts from Abercrombie. I took a great deal of comfort in their existence, because in high school I scorned them, and it appears they are filling the same purpose as before, so I scorned again.
  • Of course, I did all this from the awkward vantage point of adult sibling, which was a little embarassing, particularly at the battle of the bands, where both of my brothers's competed.
  • For instance, there were beach balls bouncing around. I really wasn't sure whether or not I should ensure that they continue to bop around, or if I should just let them fall when they approached me. Usually I hit them, but went to no great lengths to do so. I considered this to be 'nonchalant.'
  • I am a firm believer in dancing at live music performances. However, I didn't want to attract undue attention, so settled for head bopping towards the back.
  • Also, on my brothers' bands. Littlest brother plays ska. He's 16. I think I outgrew ska completely by then. I do remember driving to ska shows, but I also remember seeing Dub Narcotic that year, so 16 was clearly an age of musical transition for me. Bigger brother plays, like, frat boy funk-blues. Yikes.
  • I can't believe those girls all had on more expensive jeans than me. Maybe I'm not prioritizing my spending properly.


Julie said...

ah, remeber the days when your parents still paid the rent (and grounded you - or me at least - for going to Dub Narcotic?) don't feel bad, dear, you are still oh so stylish.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

everyone has more expensive jeans than I do.
Want to know whats really horrible? Imagine being in that situation where you are the awkward adult in transition and the kids are beautiful and have expensive clothes and you know they think you are old and weird (even though you clearly arent - hello! semicolons are important!) and they are YOUR BOYFRIENDS CHILDREN!
This is the life I am not looking forward too. Although i am looking forward to scorning any friends with DMB shirts and cargo shorts as they undoubtedly exist.

pat e morse said...

Ruth you rule. This post reminded me why I ever thought you were cool. About the whole; semi colons and such. Word. Alas, I can't picture you dancing to anything. Though I'd be willing to try. And scorning...well Ruth just for that I could marry you. Hypothetically.

Bill McClain said...

I don't know who Pat E Morse is, but in prison, we had ways of dealing with guys who messed with our punks!

Dan said...

Pat Morse commented! Holy cow he's still out there somewhere! Where are you, Pat? Or should I call you Oat?

ruth said...

well, i can confirm that the post came from intercourse, pennsylvania.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

EWW! He lives in intercourse?!? I want to go there...

OK, so both Pat (hes alive? its like finding erin haley all over again) & Dan read your blog and Im really upset now. Boys -> the real money is just one click away (not to take away from Ruth's witty musings on life).

Jenni said...

btw, talking about style: where's your stylish profile-pic?

Kate said...

Ruth! It's Garky!

First: most everyone has better jeans than I do (a lot of the first-years/sophs here drive, like, mini-coopers & scions & shit), though Nordstrom Rack has aided me in my quest to remain quasi-stylish;

Second: Belle and Sebastian are still cool. Duh!

Third: I feel old every time I go home and see high school kids thronging at the shitty mall near my home. They all still wear Abercrombie and have bleached-bleached hair, and I still take pleasure in thinking my supercilious thoughts.

PS: Are you coming to Knox graduation?