Tuesday, June 06, 2006


OK, I am happy that it is summer, but these longer days are reminding me of how little I have to do. It was one thing thing spend whole evenings doing nothing when it was dark out, but quite another to spend whole evenings doing nothing when it's sunny.
I have developed a few new hobbies, namely, growing stuff. I have some pots now in which things grow! Namely, tomatoes! Chives! Basil! Cilantro! The chives and cilantro I am bravely growing from seed (organic seed to boot!) and seem to be doing well, particularly the cilantro. And my tomato plants have produced, thus far, two teenytiny tomatoes! They are green and look extremely untasty, but, we will wait and see! Because that's what gardening is all about! I love my plants, but so far, they seem fairly self-sufficient (except that one purple basil plant that died instantly *sigh* there is a lot of heartbreak associated with growing stuff). So, not much to do there... And I did order my camera, but FedEx says I can't have it until Thursday!!!
Instead, I need a fun-plan. I think that I should have a visitor. No one has slept on our futon, except my jerk boyfriend when he left me to die with the flu in our bed. That's sad, because we've lived in our apartment since December 31st!
If I had a visitor, I would take care of you like my two tomato plants, or my cilantro. Whichever you prefer. Also, like the sweet basil, but not like the purple basil, which died. And you would entertain me more than the chives, who have done shit!
We could go to a baseball game, which will probably be disappointing, but only if we root for the Royals. I will, but you don't have to. No one else does. And I guarantee you, it's a lot cheaper to go see the Royals than to see your local team. $5 buys a whole section these days!
We could look at fountains, of which there are tons! You may recognize some of them from your travels in Seville or Rome.
I will take you to some of my favorite places, like 91st & Metcalf, where there is a Chipotle, TJ Maxx and Marshalls! Sure, you can probably do that at home, but where have you seen a TJ Maxx & Marshalls across the street from each other before!
I can also take you to my favorite barbeque place, the Bob-Be-Que! It's delicious. Of course, if you don't eat meat, we can go somewhere else! Kansas City has tons of delicious vegetarian fare, now that Burger King offers a veggie burger, anyway.
In short, you should come to visit me in Kansas City, before I flee in August. I am a really awesome hostess. We can have basil and tomatoes from my garden, with the finest mozzeralla available...


wanderius thrax said...

that sounds tempting. i like the royals a lot!


Doug said...

that sounds tempting. i hate st. louis a lot.

ruth said...

that's funny. my friend michael keeps trying to flee kansas city for st. louis. i maintain that they are basically the same city, though st. louis obviously has better baseball (except for that whole world series 1985 thing) & an arch, while kc has better smoked meats and several fountains.

Jenni said...

that sounds tempting. i love mozzarella and tomatoes a lot.
obviously I'd love to come but unfortunately there's no free time till September...

ruth said...

ugh! cnn copies my blog again!
you best get yourself to kansas city today, before it's overrun by tourists!