Wednesday, October 11, 2006

$5.50 and the poorer for it.

Why, why, did I spend $5.50 to send a fax, only to end up with some creepy guy claiming to be a lawyer calling me on my daytime minutes?

Why don't I know how to send a fax, free, through my computer? Surely this must be possible...

Why didn't I check the number on the confirmation?

Now, I must do one, or perhaps a combination, of the following things:
  • Temp tomorrow, and try to hop on their fax machine, violating my temping rules on the very first day of employment.
  • Wait until Saturday when I will be able to go to mom & pop print shop (they have, of course, mom & pop hours), and get my $5.50 back.
  • Find some other place tonight to send a fax from... like, the grocery store? Kinkos is not close and they are mean anyway. Where does one send a fax from, if not the mom & pop print shop on the corner?
  • Drive fax to location--not close, but equidistant to the Kinkos.
  • Abandon fax entirely and not write freelance articles for toy magazine that didn't offer me a real job.
  • Demand cookies from friends not located within the Pacific Time Zone.


Julie said...

We have a fax machine at work that we hardly use. In fact, when we get a fax, I am first, surprised to hear it beeping, and second, suspicious that it was received in error. It seems like you should just be able to email it...
There is a chance I will be making cookies on Sunday.

MrSKINNY said...

for christ's sake, there are lots of ways to do this! have you heard of Google?

let's hope the toy magazine doesn't feature toy fax machines.