Sunday, November 12, 2006

one of the things...

People from Los Angeles (by this I mean those that feel some sense of ownership in this bizarre city--which basically means anyone who has lived here longer than me) like to do this crazy bait and switch thing, where they ask you about your celebrity sightings and the joy you must take in their proximity, and then, when you express any interest at all in continuing the conversation, announce their total indifference to celebrity while recounting their own Julia Roberts sighting at Starbucks that very morning.

Of course, since virtually all of my readership lives outside of Los Angeles, I will now talk about all the celebrities I have thus far seen.
  1. Guy who plays Uncle Vic on Queer as Folk.
  2. Ed Begley, Jr (see a few posts ago).
  3. Less-hot Doctor on Nip/Tuck (hotter than expected, to be sure).
  4. Emily the crazy one on 90210 for one season (Christine Elise is her real name).
  5. Thora Birch (on the red carpet at the AFI Film Festival).
  6. Debbie Mazur (also at AFI).
  7. Guy who plays John Abruzzi on Prison Break (in track pants, cheap slip-on sandals with socks, and a "Superlative Conspiracy" t-shirt). We had a passing-the-time at the check-out line conversation. I am glad that I did not make a joke about Whole Foods superlative turkeys, as I see now that Superlative Conspiracy is merely a brand.
In any case, I've just passed the two-month point with life in LA. So this is where I stand. The only celebrities I have recognized without assistance have been Emily from 90210 and Uncle Vic. I need to work on sharpening my eyes.


Dan said...

If you meet the guy with the 3-D glasses from "Back to the Future," inform me right away.

Dan said...

I've lived in Los Angeles for six months and have failed to see even a single celebrity. Maybe I don't pay enough attention, or maybe it's because I don't get out much, but it's probably because I don't work where you do.