Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me? Simulated? Hmm.

I am probably like, the 50 millionth blogger to talk about this NY Times article in which some guy with a "Dr." preceding his name states that “there’s a 20 percent chance we’re living in a computer simulation.”
It says some other stuff, too, fascinating, really, and I'm possibly misunderstanding the whole thing. Still, if we are in fact an elaborate simulation by some sort of post-human, one has to wonder why they are so obsessed with Paris Hilton. It is somewhat comforting to think that it is actually some future mind that is getting stupider, not us. I wonder if they thought it was hilarious to give the 2000 election to Bush. I wonder if they are going to get tired of playing with the US and will focus their energies on Eritrea or Kyrgyzstan, those easily ignored nations.
Also, I wonder if I started sporting a "I'd like my ass to be better defined" on the back of my t-shirt if my ass would be suddenly more rounded, or if I would instead be struck with a desire to do lunges.


DaintyDoughnuts said...

I feel any blog of yours that mentions PH must be commented on by myself.

Remember back in the glory days of Paris Hiltons almost anonimity? The days of your roommate perched over her laptop, transfixed on the internet video promoting The Simple Life?

Those days are long gone, my friend. Something that first enchanted me to Paris was the fact that I had no clue who the fuck she was. I guess she was kind of like that Kim Kardashin (or whatever cant-spell-her-name-Armenian-rich-person) in that I saw her all over the place, she seemed unassuming in her ridiculous overprivilegedness (again, spelling...and unfortunately not an actual English word), and there was just enough questionable behavior for me to sort of identify with her (being as that like Paris, I have had boys that I am less than proud of, but unlike Nicole I think heroin is for dipshits and dropouts).

Now the enchanting spell of Paris Hilton is over. She has become less of a cartoon character and more like an actual person. I dont like that. I know way too much about her and she now talks about herself as if people honestly care about what her thoughts and feelings are (as opposed to just keeping those thoughts to herself and exposing herself in photoshoots for Maxim) and I think that crosses the line of pretention and self importance.

She was the silent star of my senior year of college. Quiet, an enigma, almost an icon...

But she threw that all away the day she offered me her personal life on a platter. Maybe Kim Whateverhernameis will learn a valuable lesson here.

Jenni said...

I've had this "computer simulation idea" way before this guy...