Saturday, May 03, 2008

Officially a Los Angeleno (a?)

Today I saw Morrissey in a bar and kept my cool.

While I did take a gratuitous bathroom trip to investigate this sighting and, let's say, let my eyes linger, I did not scream, squeal, or express in any way my excitement in a way that would have been apparent to the Moz. Fortunately, my friends & I were on the patio and the Pope of Mope was seated inside (shockingly, with his back to the mirrored wall) so I could manage a little squealing here and there.


Joseph said...

I am totally jealous. Celeb sightings are few and far between in Chicago. Did he have the bouquet of flowers in his back pocket?

ruth said...

I did not have the occasion to examine his backside, much to my disappointment.