Saturday, October 18, 2008

Public transit, why suck so hard?

I don't want to own a car. I currently own a totaled car that will someday soon turn into a check from an insurance company.

Bill has a perfectly nice car, a flexible schedule, and a kind heart. I have a perfectly nice carpool to work several days a week, and an interest in living without a car.

After experiencing the wonders of Philly Car Share with Margaret last year, I thought, oh, maybe there is a car just a few blocks away from me that I can grab from time to time. Alas, LA does not have a similar program save an unhelpful zipcar program through the universities.

I then rethought the bus or bike route to work. Bicycling frightens me as I'd have to ride down a strip of high traffic, bike-laneless road before arriving to work, plus I don't want to be sloppy or smelly at work (anymore than I am now, anyway).

I could take two buses to work, but that would take me nearly two hours.

My best idea so far? Ride bike 3 miles, take bus 45 minutes.

I live, by the way, just 7 miles from work.


Peach Pit said...

I own a car, but would rather not (parking is a hassle, gas is expensive, repairs are imminent, UGH). The public transit out here is OK, but just OK: the buses are often late, and there are no streetcars/trains. But I'm also scared of biking where there's no bike lane/of arriving to campus drenched in sweat. I feel your pain.

ruth said...

When you think of the cost of car ownership, it seems impossible that it is worth it. Except that they are so necessary.

My newest concept is scooter.

Amy said...

ooh, a scooter! pick that one! after all, what's the point of living in LA if you can't take advantage of the vista with a vespa?

Leila said...

I agree that public transit is tough here. Really if you want that as an option, you have to choose where you live based on the few places that it doesn't suck. 720 bus is awesome on the Wilshire Corridor (and they've now added a 920 bus that is even more express during rush hour). Alas that is the only bus route that I have found that is worth anything.

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully you don't have any remaining aches or pains from it...

City Elf said...

a scooter would rock! if you could combine it with public transit, bill's car, and a carpool, this may be your best option.

Bigfoot said...

I think a scooter would suit you. You could get a matching helmet! I know how much you love you match.