Tuesday, December 02, 2008

$3.99 I'm going out of my mind.

A few weeks ago I did two things in the wine aisle of Whole Foods that I try never to do: buy wines that cost less than $7 (because then you can't just grab something from the rack to take to a friend's house) and buy wines because the label is cute (because that's embarrassing).

But this label was so cute, and not cute like penguins! Just a tiny smidge of tasteful cuteness that suggests a real wine for real grown-ups.

And, it's $3.99. However, you probably don't think it's cute, and Bill already said it tastes "interesting."

See also my messy counter? Stop judging. I swear the wine is good.


Bigfoot said...

I too do not understand why this wine bottle is cute. But I{ve given up questioning why.

ruth said...

You are 20. You don't appreciate tasteful-cute; you only appreciate the kind of cute that is hello kitty and penguins.

Peach Pit said...

I still don't feel too much shame at buying < $7.00 wine, but I think this owes to my grad student status. In any case, I always have to make a separate trip when buying wine for friends/parties, because not everyone likes thrift liquor as much as I do.

City Elf said...

is it cute bc it has pink on it?

also, i like the term "thrift liquor".

also, thrift liquor? i hardly know her! haha, i can never resist that one.

ruth said...

...maybe it's just not that cute.

Diana said...

Pink label, $3.99 price tag? I'd give it a swirl!

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