Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buying books

So, I've been killing my considerable downtime at work these days reading a blog, The Non-Consumer Advocate. Basically, a blog about living extremely frugally. She goes so far as to buy nothing new but consumables, and she drastically limits her purchase of those, too. I like to think I do pretty well with making responsible shopping decisions, but I know I could do much better. Hence these thrift-minded posts.

Anyway, I mostly buy used books. And I'm not talking the "like new" books found used on Amazon. I am talking 25¢ books at thrift stores and library book sales. I am usually content to choose my next book from a stack of acquired books of interest, rather than seeking out a specific title. Plus, last year I had the great fortune to attend BookExpo America, where I got dozens of advances that I am still working through. So, I almost never buy new books. And while the Kindle excites me on an intellectual and professional level, I personally shudder at the idea of spending $10 per book with no escape.

But... I work in book publishing! I love books, and I want writers to be compensated for their work. I do feel some guilt about my book-thrift (hence this post), but certainly not enough to buy new on principle, as some of my colleagues do. Plus, when I love a book, I buy new copies for gifts.

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Bigfoot said...

Man, life is easy when mom covers your room and board. I splurged and bought a sausage the other day.