Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The last 30 days

In reverse chronological order:
  1. I turned 30.
  2. I went to a wedding in St. Louis.
  3. My mom had a lumpectomy, which went well. Next will probably be some radiation and then hopefully we will hear no more from this cancer.
  4. I started a new job at my old employer. And I got my own office. With a door (but no windows...).
  5. I went to a wedding in Las Vegas.
  6. I started teaching freshman comp at the university where I recently completed my master's.
  7. I flew to Salt Lake City for 36 hours to see my grandfather.
  8. Bill started teaching. 
  9. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  10. My 94 year-old grandfather's health took a significant turn for the worse. 
  11. Bill and I went to San Francisco for the Stein exhibits at SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
Here's hoping the next month 30 days are a little less eventful (I haven't watched a teen drama for weeks!). But hooray for weddings and birthdays and museums and new jobs at museums. And especially hooray for good friends and fiances.