Tuesday, August 23, 2005


is where Bill and I are at the moment. It is lovely. Yesterday we ate Mexican food here! We arrived from Venice which has already started sinking. Literally the canals were higher than the streets. And Piazza San Marco was about 4 inches (that's roughy 12 centimeters) under water, more in some places! Which could have been really fun, if I were still young. Indeed, I think 12 years ago there would have been nothing I would have liked more than standing in half a foot of water and feeding pidgeons. However, in recent years I have begun to prefer dryer feet.
In any case, today we explore the bustling metropolis of lovely Ljubljana and tomorrow we will perhaps head to the Julian Alps and Lake Bled, or perhaps the town of Split (in Croatia).
I hope that you know where Ljubljana is or at least look it up, I admit that perhaps I was unaware of this country and town a year ago, before I began reading my Let's Go Europe.
Whee Ljubljana.

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stefanie said...

okay ruth, Ljubljana or no Ljubljana, it's very important that we address the issue of you liking that awful david lodge book. i mean it!