Monday, August 29, 2005

Whee Croatia whee coffee

Yeah, Zagreb rocks. It's full of lots of outdoor cafes where you can get a cappucino for less than a euro! Funny that it's a euro, not an euro, because that sounds stupid.
So, as it's Monday and everything cultural is closed, Bill and I are forced to drink cheap coffee and smoke cheap cigarettes. Probably soon we will have to get a cheap slice of pizza.
Now, Croatia is not as cheap as one might think, given the whole relatively recent war and former-Yugoslavia business. (Incidentally, my mom studied Socialism in Yugoslavia something like 90 years ago. Or perhaps like, 30 years ago. Isn't that weird? She has an MBA). While lodgings, nice dinners and internet cafes are no great bargain, consuming pizza, coffee, beer and cigarettes are tremendously cheap. Obviously, this is the most important thing. Another good thing to note, which we discovered on a rainy day in the beach town of Pula, is that Croatian TV is almost entirely in English! Indeed, we saw Harry and the Hendersons with Croatian subtitles. Also, a number of other forgotten series and movies. But also Boston Public, which, as always, rocked. Oh yes, I look forward to returning to Kansas where the best thing to do is watch my mom's fancy digital cable (and to think, she used to be a communist).
This afternoon, to Budapest and fancy baths!


Doug said...

I do envy your European adventure. I now know where Ljubljana is and that it's name is derived from the Slovenian word for beloved (the wikipedia is my friend). Thanks for commenting on my blog, Ruth. Enjoy Croatia.

MrSKINNY said...

how many cities did u rack up? i have to know.