Friday, March 24, 2006

I cannot live without positive reinforcement

Hence, a poll! Wheeee.


Doug said...

Hey Ruth,

Tattoos are awesome. I do want one too, and your idea of an umbrella is both hip and has staying power (both necessary for tattoo choice). I think in terms of design, you should rule out #2 because it's a little too trendy, and you may tire of it. #4 looks a little bit too much like clip-art.

could you email me? I don't have your email.

ruth said...

funny that. 2-4 are all clip art, & 1 was the only acceptable umbrella image that was returned from google image search. the umbrella selection is surprisingly weak.

Jenni said...

Try "paraplu" and "regenschirm", too. That should give you a whole new range of amazing umbrellas.

ruth said...

wow, i love boris en de paraplu.
regenschrim returns some pretty awesome results too.
I will totally call my tattoo-getting memoir "Googling in German," which is awesome because, as everyone knows, memoirs have to start with gerunds.

Erin H said...

I vote a 1-2 hybrid: 5 to 6 ribs with the shorter handle (with a smaller curve). I like the outline, not filled in. I like it.