Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My soap dispenser at work.

It looks like this.

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Always with the two inches of thicker, milkier soap on top. I noticed it my first time using the facilities here, and while the more translucent level will change, there are always two inches of grossness on top. As I have little to report of note (except that my boyfriend is handsome and brilliant, which is of course old news), I decided to illustrate the little bit of bathroom grossness that I visit every day.


Jenni said...

nice, really nice drawing! I like the pink.
also, I know these kind of dispenser with two fluids. but as far as I remember, you could kind of shake the dispenser so they mix up to just one milky soap.

stefanie said...

how do you know that the top layer is grossness? how could it be? isn't soap self-cleaning?

ruth said...

yes, i have seen those soap combo dispensers-- like those shot glasses with a swirly-divider in the middle to combine the flavors. however, this dispenser is not one of those. there are no shaking possibilities as this dispenser is mounted on the wall.
and stefanie, as for you, i think your question is absurd! soap is clearly not self-cleaning, for if it were, you would not feel disgusting if you improperly rinsed yourself in the shower. that said, i don't know for a fact that it is grossness, though I have contemplated lifting the lid and sticking a finger in.

stefanie said...

ruth, your logic is flawed! you feel disgusting if you don't properly rinse in the shower because soap isn't designed to stay on your body. you do, however, feel comfortable using the same bar of soap every day, even though it should be dirty after you finish with it every day.