Monday, August 07, 2006

The Roommate Tells All: Part 1--Breakfast

I read a magazine article that had advice on what to do if your roommate blogs about what you eat for breakfast. I will now blog about what my roommates eat for breakfast, and see if my roommates know what to do.

Bill: Bill seems only willing to eat bananas, bagels, green apples, and left-over pizza. This means that sometimes he eats no breakfast. I don't understand it.
Julie: Julie primarily eats cereal and whatever fruit is in the bowl. Sometimes, however, I catch her putting a variety of random food items on bread, toasted or otherwise, but never in a sandwich-like assemblage. I have seen her put honey, bananas, peanut butter, aldi- brand nutella, eggs, cheese, lunch meat, and imitation butter products in all sorts of incredibly odd combinations.


Bill McClain said...

Also beer. But usually I just keep a few in the car for during my commute.

Julie said...

Well Rightous Ruth, I am of course appalled that my breakfast has been endangered. I will always stand 100% behind toast with peanut butter and banana slices. Delicious! Also, yes, I am a food-mixer and have always thought mashed potatoes were for mixing other stuff in. But whatever, this method has brought the world such inspired treats as hot fudge sundaes! So I am not weird. And I am not pregnant, as Bill incorrectly intuited from the list of things I will eat. And I only like things that taste GOOD together.
You, my dear roommate, eat an inordinant amount of pickles (not for breakfast)! Pshaw. Kisses.

ruth said...

fuck yeah pickles.

Jen said...

Thank you for exposing secrets.
This could someday be valuable blackmail.

Julie said...

Blackmail? Like, "I know what you eat for breakfast, gimme your life savings or I'll tell?"

Jen said...