Thursday, February 01, 2007

Adult Matters

Man, I so wish this was about porn or something.

Alas, more pedestrian adult matters. Actually, I'm not sure if dental care is more pedestrian than porn...

But, how does one choose a dentist? I've had the same dentist for as long as I remember. Unfortunately, I have to choose a dentist for my dental hmo. It appears I have to make some sort of official dental care proclamation, before having ever seen a dentist outside of my mother's zip code.

And a dentist, of all things. The most challenging of all health care providers. I mean, I have heard horror stories galore of greedy dentists ordering multiple unnecessary procedures.

I assume, however, that perhaps some of my readership has faced this challenge in the past... so, what did you do? Help me choose wisely.


Jenni said...

When I moved to Bonn, I had the same problem... If you know someone in your area and you trust that person, ask him/her which dentist is the best. Because I didn't have such a trustworthy person, I cecked the internet ("yellow pages", do you have such a thing?). Then I looked for a dentist with online presence. Then I took a look at it. Then I checked where he is located. Then I checked if I know the address. Then I checked if the address is a "good" one. You know, with other docs around it and kind of expensive looking (as a sign for state of the art).

That was one year ago. And I'm not sure yet if I've made the right choise. Some thing were good, one bad.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I just went ot my health insurance's page, did a zip code search and call the the office closest to my house. The first two didn't answer--and it was normal business hours. So I tried a new strategy, I chose my favorite name-it's Roscoe, My dentist's name is Roscoe.