Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so much crank in my pants.

i think i have read everything of interest on the internet, i haven't been particularly engrossed in a book in weeks (months?), and my apartment is colder than it should be in los angeles.
also, my job has ceased to hold any possibility of greater interest, but the idea of pretending to be enthusiastic about a different sort of job in a cover letter seems downright nauseating.
in other news, the clothes on the drying rack have been dry for several days, but the prospect of hanging them in the closet overwhelms me.
finally, i have purchased several containers for the purpose of greater organization in the home, but they remain seated where i left them upon returning home post-shopping.
bill and i have finally succeeded in watching virtually every episode of virtually every show to have received high praise in the past few years.
i have experimented with improving my french via podcast, but alas, je cherche encore un divertissement.
Et aussi, le dimanche passe, un homme s'est adresse a moi en francais, et je n'ai que compris le mot "jamais." Je pense que cette anecdote est relevateur.
O forse, ho bisogno practicare il mio italiano.
Ho imparato molte cose che non sono piu importanti.

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