Thursday, April 12, 2007

walking breakthrough

OK, so, Bill's like, a really fast walker. I am constantly having to beg him to slow down. This is one of the on-going dramas of our relationship. Fortunately, this is less of a problem in pedestrian-unfriendly LA than it was in London, but still, I've always dreamed of a day in which I could keep up with my swift fella.
So, last week I was reading some health-oriented magazine and it said that the trick is shorter steps, not longer strides. Yesterday, on my walk to Blockbuster, I decided to try it out. Amazing!!! I felt like a speed demon.
Anyway, today I had the opportunity to walk a ways with Bill, and man, I was effortlessly keeping up!
I continued my speedy walking throughout work today, feeling like a real champ, until I inevitably ran into someone. Still, I am pretty thrilled with my newfound ability to truck it.

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