Thursday, April 05, 2007


so, i feel the need to get a fairly long life-update out there for my sparse readership. it is primarily career related.

a couple of months ago, i began the long and tedious process of interviewing for a promotion (which would mean a transfer) at my current place of employment. after being given the run-around, i did some soul-searching and realized that i really needed to start being proactive about finding a new position. so i started applying for jobs at museums and universities.

as luck would have it, i finally did get promoted, and i started at the new store a week ago.

also last week, i had an interview at the getty center (senior staff assistant, publications). the job was offered, my background check cleared, and today, i accepted the position.

the new job will be basically corresponding with archives around the world to get pictures for various getty projects--books, catalogues, posters etc. I will also get every other Friday off, and fully paid benefits from day one!

now, i must give notice, which i am petrified about. i've never just plain quit a job before-- i've always been moving, going back to school, etc. and you know, i just started, and i am managing people now (highly incompetent ones, that my coordinator told me i could start the process of firing today...). so, not only must i put in notice, i also will be doing it at a time where everyone involved will no doubt think really poorly of me. ideally, they would refuse my notice and let me leave immediately, thus sparing me the ensuring frustration and shame i will feel in leaving a job unfinished.

but the fact of the matter is--i hate my job, and even if the new one fails to live up to my expectations, at least i will have every other friday off!


Joseph said...

Ruth! Dude! Congrats! We're in the same bizness now. Get ready to write lots of polite letters.

ruth said...

i am told i might even be called to write the odd letter in italian and/or french! and, despite no claims to the affirmative, german. fun!
i hope it's a good bizness. i worked up my courage and gave notice today. which was, of course, totally unremarkable.

ruth said...

oh man, extra bonus! i get a .edu email address!!!

Joseph said...

I've found that writing all correspondence in English, no matter the language spoken by its recipient, works pretty well. US supremacy hurrah! I would try to write in French/Italian/etc., but I think it would be so bad as to be a waste of time and, probably, mildly insulting.

The .edu email address is pretty cherry, though, as it got me a free subscription to NY Times Select.

ruth said...

i have been trying to correspond with a french friend in french. she claims to understand, yet writes back in english...

yes, the ny times select is a big bonus.

Jenni said...

congrats! :-)

DaintyDoughnuts said...

How did we end up talking about french in the comments section? Im totally confused.

Im glad I read this because now I feel totally up to date on your life and I want to know how the notice putting in thing went.

I was just thinking the other day about whether or not its going to be difficult to get preggo. I wonder if its like the cruel backpay for everytime I was jumping up and down praying and crying and panicing thinking that I might be.


DaintyDoughnuts said...

ok I just reread through and I now understand the french thing and take back my inquiry about the 2 weeks notice thing.