Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My newest hobby!

OK, I am addicted to reviewing shit on yelp. Do you do it too? If you do, will you be my friend? Will you rate me as funny? People keep finding me useful or cool, but never funny. This is somewhat ironic as I spent much of my teens bemoaning the frequency of which I was described as funny or weird, not cool. Anyway, yelp with me, and read my reviews. Not that most of my readership lives in LA, but whatever.


Jenni said...

that's a great idea, wonder if we've got a website like it for Germany or Europe or something.
btw: two funnys so far. that's not bad

michael said...

I just looked up my new doctor on google and the first result was his Yelp review. I love it!

I think it is better to strive for helpfulness why is everything a cool contest?

ruth said...

It's nice to be known for utility. I'm clearly not cool, certainly not by LA standards (my shirt's from the gap and my jeans were $12...). So to be known for coolness is clearly farcical. All things considered, I'd prefer to be known for an incisive wit.