Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A trip down memory lane?

So, friend Julie posted with her job history. I thought that was kinda fascinating, and decided to do the same. This is not an exhaustive list of positions I have held-- I did not include stipended positions held during college, nor did I include the positions held while a temp. I left off babysitting gigs, jobs held at camp as a pre-teen, etc.

I temped from 2004-2005 in London (4 different jobs there) and Dublin (about a dozen different jobs), where I held various administrative positions for organizations as varied as a diamond miner/whiskey distillery, plumber's union, pharmaceutical company, a law firm, a mortgage broker, two national NGOs, a builder of outlet malls, a university, and some sort of transportation center?

I also temped briefly upon my arrival to Los Angeles, where I sat at a desk at a Swiss money-managers. I was never clear on what I did there...

In any case, in chronological order... the working history of your truly:

1. Cashier at Big K-Mart
2. Receptionist at Bud Brown Chrysler Plymouth
3. Salesperson at Nordstrom (promoted from Cashier)
4. Marketing Intern at Sprint
5. Sales Associate at The Jones Store
6. Custodial Assistant, Knox (lasted about 2 weeks…)
7. Marketing Assistant, Knox College Office of Admission
8. Field Manager, US PIRG (promoted from Canvasser)
9. Information Specialist, REACH for Kids
10. Marketing Supervisor, Whole Foods Market (promoted from Marketing Assistant)
11. Senior Staff Assistant, Getty Publications

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Julie said...

wow, i forgot about the jones store gig. what a fantastic list!! let's make more lists. i like doing that.