Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it was only a few months ago I was making all of these grandiose plans to update my blog regularly. Sorry, folks, that idea got waylaid by, perhaps, my new Netflix subscription.

Given my proximity to Blockbuster stores and some lame-ass Walmart/Netflix coupling a few years back, I've been a Blockbuster online user. But when they would not rent me (or anyone) the big kid version of Lust, Caution, and they kept raising our rates/cutting services, we decided it was time to abandon ship.

In other news, I have a sore throat and want a crushing amount of noodles in broth.


City Elf said...

hope your throat feels better, and that you are noodle-satiated. xo

stefanie said...

i am commenting mostly because blogger says that your post has "1 comments" and that makes me crazy. so here you go! now you have 2.

also, i heart netflix, and i'm glad you finally jumped on that particular bandwagon of awesomeness.