Monday, September 29, 2008


Someone I used to know in grade school recently sent me a friend request on Facebook today, and, upon seeing his name, I instantly recalled how he smelled-- wrong, sweet, different, pungent.

Kind of amazing, as I haven't thought of him for a decade plus, and I didn't care for him at all when I knew him. Obviously he wasn't my favorite classmate, being so smelly and all.

Of course I accepted his friend request, because he was good-natured and besides, I was probably mean to him. Accepting his friend request is my ticket to redemption.


DaintyDoughnuts said...

how did I get Xed out of the nacissist category? Im just as nacissistic as any of you! (case in point - I made a blog about "my baby" and its really all about me and my opinions regarding babylike topics, sometimes)

ruth said...

well, you let your old blog die and I hadn't got around to adding a link to your baby blog. I will remedy this promptly.