Monday, August 17, 2009

Visits, Adventure, Etc.

Just got home from a road-trip with my guy-- visited family and friends in Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. Drove through Nevada and Wyoming, and little corners of Arizona and Iowa. I really enjoyed all the wide open spaces and dramatic landscapes, something I sorely miss in Los Angeles. And of course, all the family and friends. In fact, I saw all but a few members of my family. I visited with: both brothers, both parents, my sole remaining grandparent (maternal grandfather, age 92!) plus my step-grandmother (his wife of 13 years), all four of my cousins, five of their six offspring, and both of my uncles. Plus bunches of Bill's family. It was nice-- I really enjoy my family, and it was nice to visit by road trip, which takes the pressure off quite a bit. A few days of family, followed by a day in the car listening to audiobooks (Sarah Vowell, best ever) really does the body good.

Wednesday, my graduate school adventure begins!

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DaintyDoughnuts said...

Oh my god I just spoke with you today and didnt even realize that you started grad school LAST week! Shitty friend moment...hanging head in shame...

catch up this weekend, right?!