Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fall has finally come to Los Angeles, and I am positively euphoric about it. Made soup last weekend (chicken sausage, garbanzo bean and veggies) and will make some more tomorrow (beef with barley). It's not that cold--highs in the 70s--so I am enjoying sleeping with the windows open, burrowed under the down comforter. Walking to the farmers' market on Tuesday, I was practically skipping with joy about the weather. And then I remembered that the tomatoes I bought the week prior kind of sucked. Ah well. The one good thing about summer has come to an end.

Teaching freshman composition is more fun than I could have imagined. Most days, I am nearly giddy after teaching-- it's such a rush. It's hard, but I love working with freshmen and their writing. I'm already rethinking whether or not I want to return to academic publishing as I had planned post-MA.

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