Saturday, January 09, 2010

Time, motivation.

I am in the midst of a two-week long break after returning from holiday travel and before heading back to school after MLK Day, and now I am growing majorly antsy. The first few days were tolerable-- I had to take care of various issues (a traffic ticket, for which I went to court in hopes of avoiding the $500 fine-- which I did, I got 31 hours of community service instead), unpacking, cleaning, making Bill buy new clothes, listing things I want to get rid of on eBay, paying bills, doing laundry, going to the library, etc. Now, however, I am done with chores and I have over a week of time to occupy! Time during which I should probably avoid spending money (since I don't really make any), and should use make lesson plans, exercise, reorganize my crap in the bedroom, and do community service.
Alas, my motivation to do these things is... lacking. I'm curious about the community service-- I've been assigned to do clerical work at a residential rehab clinic down the street (fascinating!), I'm looking forward to re-reading The Things They Carried before teaching it this spring, and I really do want to exercise and accelerate the disappearance of the 3 lbs Santa brought this year. I've had success getting myself to yoga twice this week, but I cannot bring myself to go on a run. When I'm in the habit of running, it's no big deal to bind up the bosoms and take to the streets, but when I've been on a hiatus (I probably haven't run in a month or even more!), I just cannot talk myself into it.
I really just want to go out-- visit the new goodwill bookstore, go shopping, hang out with friends, go to the movies, etc etc etc. But the only thing I need to do that involves going out is doing community service, which sounds kind of interesting but also like something they'll want me to do for several hours at a time and I'm not sure I have the attention span for that.
As I've long suspected, free time doesn't especially agree with me.

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Peach Pit said...

Free time doesn't always agree with me, either: I'm not especially good at avoiding money-sucking avocations, so I usually just spend a few hours watching "Say Yes to the Dress," or some similar tripe...