Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm unemployed, and I spend my mornings checking the websites of the twenty-one places I've identified as worthy potential employers and periodically sending off a CV.

And watching Make It or Break It.

Yes. That is the teen gymnastics program on ABC Family. With Candace Cameron always yammering on about abstinence and God. But people are always doing flips! Off the uneven bars! And bouncing around on the floor like springs. I love it when people fly. Even if they are all stunt doubles. OK, and there is so much drama. And gymnastic competitions and backstabbing and everything that makes for exceptional teen programming. Except sex. Only evil rich girl is doing it and that's seemingly meant to be one of her myriad character flaws.

And before that, I watched Vampire Diaries. The whole first season went by and not a single person smiled. It was amazing.

I can't imagine what I would be doing if I had cable. Probably watching What Not to Wear.

Oh, and, I cry while watching Make It or Break It. Only a little, only sometimes.

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ksrhodes said...

This is so classic.