Wednesday, April 13, 2005


You are bad, ungrateful people. I have had several requests for photos from my abroadlife, and then when I put them up, at great personal cost (€1.99 for the CD and obviously such clever captions were mentally taxing) and what do I get in return? Nary a comment.
But alas, I am a benevolent and forgiving god, so I will not punish you. In fact, I have even drawn a few more pictures, because...
Yesterday Bill and I had AN ADVENTURE. Not really the good kind, but you know, the acceptable kind. I will relay the story now:
Around 10:30, Bill and I stepped into our backyard for a breath of fresh air. When we came back into the house, our front door was wide open. Our front door that locks automatically. No one else was home. I've illustrated our looking out the door.
Image Hosted by
And yes, our house is that color. The curtains are a little off, I think there is also green. Also, Bill and I look literally nothing like that. Especially as we have bodies. And that's art on the wall behind us. It's not original, it's a print. Also, the cat burglar may or may not actually exist. The rest of the post will explain.
So Bill walked around the house looking in all the doors and yelling hello. I stood by the door feeling like a girl.
In any case, Bill turned up nothing. So we left the house and set the alarm, figuring well, if someone's in and they try to leave, it will go off. If it's our flatmates, they'll turn off the alarm.
But when we leave, we see a suspicious looking mini-van. Mind you, our street is literally narrower than most American drive-ways, and it's a dead end. Why the mini-van? A mystery.
So, we wait outside for a while, thinking it's possible one of our flatmates ran home and then ran out to get something and didn't shut the door all the way... But no flatmates. So, Bill makes us call the Garda, which is like the police except Irish.
And they come and declare our house safe. This is one of them. The picture is entirely fictional as Bill and I met them at the street. Still, I felt like this was a multiple image story.
Image Hosted by
And of course, as they leave, my Spanish flatmate comes home with his non-english speaking friend. So I am sure that amused them. I am quite sure I heard them call us gringos and stupidos and americanos. Except, do the Spanish call white people gringos? They are white too. Well, so maybe none of the words sounded like that and I am imagining things.
In any case, I could have a ghost! Or, someone could have tried to rob us! Who knows!
So that was the yesterday adventure. If I am murdered in my bed tonight, expect no further updates.


stefanie said...

well, since your door was mysteriously open and there was a strange mini-van parked outside, i think you did the right thing by calling the Garda. (by the way, even though the picture is fictional, i really like that the cop is wearing his badge pinned to, like, a sweater.) if your roommate thinks otherwise, then he and his friends are the ones who are muy muy stupidos.

ruth said...

Well, the Garda totally wears sweaters. Unless they are on bikes and then they wear really hardcore looking leather pants with giant day glo jackets and bobby-like hats.
Say what you will about U.S. cops, but at least we let them keep their dignity.

Boyfriend Bill said...

Incidentally, I am just as good looking as Ruth drew me in the picture, if not slightly more so.

Doug said...

Ruth, your pictures, paint-generated and otherwise, are genius.

ruth said...

Doug, I have to say I am continually impressed by your perception and sensitivity.