Monday, April 11, 2005

My exhibitionism reaches a new level

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I have elected to post pictures from my life here. Actually, they extend as far back as roughly last flunk day until last weekend. So about a year. However, they are edited and in groups, so peruse at your leisure. Please note that they were taken with the sort of digital camera that comes free with a printer. a $30 printer. Hence, the 'special effects.' Also, the London pictures are in reverse chronological order, so for those who place great weight in chronology, start at the end.
Look at my little life!

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stefanie said...

ruth, i have mixed feelings about your admission that the special effects are because of a very cheap digital camera because after seeing them, i spent a while contemplating the sheer magnitude of your photographic genius and vision. especially the one where the guard has no arm. i thought, wow, that is some serious skill. but then i learn that it was an accident. i feel sort of disappointed and yet relieved that you are not in fact an unfathomably talented super genius. i mean, you are of course very talented (and super), but can you imagine what was going through my head when i saw the guy with no arm? geez.