Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm grand, thanks.

Everything's grand, in fact, because that's what they say here and that's what it is!
Bill and I had a terrifically exciting weekend!
We bought insanely cheap grapes and tomatoes on Saturday and then went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (which is, incidentally, around the corner from my house) where Bill discovered his new god, the American artist Laurie Anderson. They had a huge exhibit of her work there and it was truly awesome. It's really rare that I feel so strongly about those jack of all trades contemporary artists, but man, my socks were totally knocked off. Also, they had a Fred Tomaselli exhibit that was great, as well as a Jasper Johns post-1983 exhibit that was pretty cool too as he had lots of paintings that incorporated the optical illusions old lady/young lady, face/vase, rabbit/duck etc, which is really cool. Also, I encountered a new artist that I thought fairly interesting, some Dutch guy named Mark Manders.
And if that wasn't enough culture for a day, we saw an underwhelming production of Hamlet in the evening by some Irish troupe called Guna Nua or something like that. But it featured two men and two men only, so fairly interesting in that respect.
Yesterday, Bill and I went to nearby Bray Bay, where we walked around a mountain, and then directly up to the top of the mountain. This was great fun, except the going directly up to the top part. This hurt my calves considerably, but I suspect was truly excellent for my ass.
And then we threw rocks into the ocean. Or rather, I threw them in and Bill skipped them around on top all fancy-like. He even managed to skip this huge boomerang shaped rock several times. He is a real man and I am lucky to have him!


stefanie said...

ireland sounds like a very adorable country, ruth. i'm intrigued by this whole lining up at bus stops thing. also, bill is adorable. your life is full of adorableness, and i'm jealous. but i saw victor yushchenko's motorcade today, and you didn't! so there!

ruth said...

Oh yeah? Well I get off at noon on Friday for the pope's funeral and I get paid for the whole day!
Also, I had to google victor yushchenko to know who he is. Did you know that he keeps bees?

Neila Costa said...

Hi, how are you? I'm Neila, I'm brazilian, was just googling the use of 'Grand', and I found your text. Interesting! I've been in Bray, Ireland, 3 months ago... you made me think about my life there. Anyway your english looks very American.
Great day for you,
bye! tchau!