Friday, September 02, 2005

Vienna, whee

Well, Bill and I are now in Vienna, which is fanfriggintastic. For instance, for lunch, I had fried, fried, with a side of pickles and Bill had a 2 meter long wiener! I don't even want to hear what Freud would say about that.
Then we went to the Staatoper where we saw Verdi's Don Carlos, which was so incredibly exciting I nearly peed in my pants (she said she liked it more than pirates of penzance) and not even because it was 5 hours long.
Tomorrow we will consume more rich, fattening and delicious Austrian food and culture in Salzburg!
Budapest was a little cruel to Bill and I, with much unexpected closings, bus cancellations, etc. However, we spent plenty of time soaking away our pains in their lovely baths and eating gyros and falafels. Without the remnants of Turkish occupation, I'm sad to say, Budapest might have been kind of crap.
Vienna, on the other hand, has consistently rewarded Bill and I's moral rectitude. I will recount its virtues.
Yesterday Bill and I realized, shortly before boarding our train, that, in fact, August has 31 days and our hostel booking was for the wrong day. So, we were en route to a city notoriously difficult to find beds in with no reservations. However, this turned out to be fine.
Then, we noted that the modern art museum was open late on thursday, so we headed there to find that not only is it open late on thursday, but its two sister museums, an exhibition hall and another, slightly less modern (19th & early 20th century) museum are also open and having a special 'art night' where all 3 are available for the bargain price of nine euro! Which is a bargain as that's the price for one. So, that was great! If we were in Budapest, we would have showed up, found out that it was free yesterday and is now closed for the season. But Vienna rewards us with loads and loads of contemporary art. 60 sq km of it!
And they have green foam boat things for you to sit in outside.


wanderius thrax said...

isn't that like 6 feet!

oh lord

ruth said...

ok so maybe i meant to type 6 sq km. Still, it´s about like 6 feet, yeah.

MrSKINNY said...

are you staying in hostels? how is that for your sexlife?

ruth said...

we stay in both, depending on price, etc.
obviously, not ideal. nor is near constant exhaustion and griminess.
but then, michael, arent YOU living at home

MrSKINNY said...

sorry about that last comment. i'm just frustrated that you dont post daily, and i was thinking, oh it must be hard for them to get internet access, then i was thinking about us staying in hostels, and then that sex question popped into my head.

i wouldnt touch anyone in KC with my 10 foot pole. i've had 2 in my room the whole summer, and we didnt go half as far as you do in YOUR room. ps: where are you living when you get back?

pps: im moving in a week, i hope to come back and see you. :)

MrSKINNY said...

its funny you're in munich - that's where my two biggest fans live. one of them's a cute boy (bubbley who likes good music and writes english well. the other one, i have no idea, but he seems to be able to post a dozen entries a day, now where are yours?

ruth said...

man, bite me. i have to pay for internet!
where are you moving???!!
we get back on the 24th. and i will, i afraid, be living at home, at least for a while.