Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh, brother...

So, the time has come to make a new computer purchase. My current laptop, bought refurbished over 5 years ago, is in serious need of retirement.
But I don't know what I need. I am seduced by the flash of Apple, but am not sure the price jump is necessary, as my current needs consist of internet and word processing. I definitely want a laptop with wireless capabilities.
However, sooner or later I will make the leap to digital photography. When I do so, I will want an SLR camera compatible with my Canon EOS Elan IIe. So we are talking at least a 1K camera. So, should I purchase the significantly more expensive computer bargaining on the fact that I will eventually make the digital commitment? Or should I wait it out? I will not likely get a digital camera body for at least a year.
And, if I am planning on the most mundane of personal uses, why would I buy an Apple?
I feel extraordinarily conflicted about this. I think I would rather buy a car than a computer.
So will someone please solve all my problems and tell me what I need? And how much I should spend on it and where I can find a deal?


MrSKINNY said...

well, considering you are only going to use internet and word processing for the time being, go with a PC laptop (dell). in the meantime, forget about the 1K camera and PowerBook. forget about them for a long, long while.

you could also get a used iBook g3/g4 on ebay or the likes. i have had mind since 2001 and it's still alive and poundin'

Doug said...

apples seem to be getting into the "overpriced" price range. I know that they're great an' everything, but it seems like you can do a lot of the same shit with a pc laptop and knock some off the price.

Joe said...

I have several pieces of advice. First, don't buy anything right away, since Apple is probably going to be releasing new machines pretty soon, and these might sway your decision. Secondly, if you're going to be doing a lot of photography/imaging, you should definitely consider Apple, as this is one of the platform's strongpoints. Next, be careful buying a used laptop, since laptops age much more quickly than desktops and are more likely to be in bad shape. Finally, you can get a Canon digital body for about 700 bones, if you're okay with the low-end.

ruth said...

yeah, i have seen the rebel for about that. i am not sure what i need really. today i borrowed my friend's eos d60, which was nice. she's a "professional" and insists that for the price of the apple, i could get a good pc AND photoshop, which is persuasive.
as far as digital cameras i am even less sure what i want and need and am not sure i am wholly commited to an slr that would be compatible with my existing lenses. some of the point and shoots with some manual capabilities appeal to me as well.
i am looking at buying a computer at after-xmas sale times, do you not think there will be better prices on macs then?
does your used opposition apply to refurbished from the manufacturer as well?

Joe said...

No, refurbished is probably okay. And I guess you shouldn't rule out all used laptops, but you should check it out before you buy it (thus, buy local and not eBay). Just remember that laptops are fragile and many of them have spent their lives in backpacks.

ruth said...

thanks joe!