Sunday, November 13, 2005

So today

I finally got around to watching Garden State. It was, as previously predicted some months ago, awful, however not as awful as I thought. It was somewhat redeemed by Natalie Portman's character, who was far more genuine than the ladies typically featured in such movies. However, Zach Braff should stick to Scrubs, which is more or less amusing more or less of the time.
I have finished watching the 2nd season of the L-Word, and I reiterate my assertion that it totally rocks. Rent it today.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Garden State is not the cinematic wonder some people think it is. I could sense that from the get-go, and I was assuming that Natalie Portman would lend some redeeming qualities to the film since she's, you know, totally hot, but her character really just made me want to drill a hole in my brain. That bad.

Joe M.

ruth said...

Yeah! I don't get it! The first half of the movie was very nearly intolerable. I almost turned it off and went back to Law and Order, but I felt like I had to stick it out out of respect for all my garden state fan friends. But I found Zach Braff significantly less pleasant than Natalie Portman.

MrSKINNY said...

she was very cute, i loved her character. but still, she's from jersey.

and Zach kept my attention quite well. i want.

talk about a horrible ending.

ruth said...

what, were you hoping he'd come out of the closet?