Tuesday, February 21, 2006

what the kids are listening to...

So, the fact of the matter is, I am getting older. Indeed, I have found my first grey hairs (2 of them!) in the past week. I found that pretty damn traumatic and am now having nightmares about grey hairs and strollers and biological clocks, oh my.
But the 'arctic monkeys,' that really sets me off. What a freaking stupid band name. Now, I haven't heard them yet. I may give them a shot tonight when I am at home using a computer with sound capabilities. I guarantee you that I won't like it though. But Arctic Monkeys is an INSANELY dumb band name; it connotes nothing but socks sold at Claire's and t-shirts sold at Spencer's. Which isn't cool at all. I keep trying to think of a comparably stupid band name that I listen(ed) to during my youth, and the only thing I can think of is 'superchunk' except I never really listened to them, that was all Michael. Also I was never a foo fighters fan.
No, I feel quite certain that I never listened to any band with as stupid a name as 'arctic monkeys' and I will not start now.


Joe said...

Do you realize that this post makes you sound older than gray hair alone ever could?

ruth said...

umm, possibly, yes.
bu-ut, i did hear the arctic monkeys on my way home from work on NPR... and i admit that i can see their popularity. nevertheless, i think i am way too old to ever say something like "hey, do you have the new arctic monkeys cd?"
sorry. that would be way more embarassing than asking for the newest grateful dead album, and not just because there hasn't been one in like 20 years (i think).

joe said...

Yeah, when I first heard about them I was like, "serious, that's they're name?" It's the sort of name the band in a bad 90's teen comedy would have. Like, they needed to imply that the band was "wacky," so they took a "wacky" animal and placed a "wacky" adjective in front of it.

I haven't heard them yet, but yes, I hear they're actually not bad.

Anonymous said...

Man, Ruth, I think you are embracing this old thing. How old is it to seriously condemn the name of a band while describing their music as decent.



MrSKINNY said...

i drop by your blog and your chastising me! I am going to keel you! Viva Superchunk!

DaintyDoughnuts said...

You want to feel old? Go to my little sister's MySpace page (which I had to sign up for MySpace to fully explore - I CAVED! - but you can view superficially without committment)
Its mindnumbing. I remember being 13 but I cant remember how I justified being so lame as being somehow enlightened.
Then I began looking through her friends profiles and one girl writes "Im like cocaine" COCAINE! and included a picture just to drive the point home. But really, when I talk to people my age now about our teenage years, its not so shocking and I almost understand why comaparing yourself to coke would be seen as 'ttly kewl' In fact, I would venture to guess that this girl hasnt blown any lines just yet, but the fact that she included a picture means that shes trying to impress this upon someone. And that someone is my little sister! I HATE 13 YEAR OLDS!
You can only imagine how old I felt as I explored this page and was like ...GAWFING and GASPING and REELING back in horror.

I also disapprove of that band name. Although I would rather my sister became a member of the arctic monkeys than a spot on Sally Jesse.