Friday, September 15, 2006

at 4:59 am

So, last night I woke up to Bill beating me. In his sleep.

No, we aren't talking about the rolling-over, arms-splayed type-beating (that's more my m.o.).

What happened was this:

I am asleep. On my stomach.

I wake up. Bill is straddling my back.

He hits me, and says "there's someone in the room."

I am freaked out. My semi-aunt, with whom we are staying, does not really lock doors, and our ground-floor window is wide-open.

It becomes apparent to me that Bill is still asleep. I say, "do you want to shut the window?" He grunts, un-straddles me, and goes back to sleep, while I squint, contact-less, at shadows.


Doug said...

I've totally been there!

When I was in High School, I was up late at night one night, and my brother sleepwalked in to my room and with a frightened look on his face said "They're ... they're dead ... They're ALL DEAD!" I hesitated and then told him to go back to bed, which he did. It took four Michael Crighton chapters to get me to calm down that night.

Julie said...

I'm aghast that Bill's sleep-talking has progressed into sleep-beating. Ruth, how will you protect yourself? Do you have an elaborate or simple plan to deflect future attacks?

ruth said...

well, i thought about smearing myself with feces each night before bed. i don't know.

Julie said...

Goo! What about guava?