Sunday, September 24, 2006

my weather is better than yours.

Well, Bill and I are no longer homeless. That is pleasant. We have an apartment now, which is filled with mostly good things and too-tall cabinets. Otherwise, happiness and joy.

We have a good location, close to many restaurants, etc. Also close to 'the studios.' I haven't seen any celebrities yet, but I have seen more cars worth over $100K than I have in my whole entire life. It seems probable that famous people drive them, but that may be my midwestern naïveté talking.

So, these are all good things. Bad things include the fact that I will likely still be unemployed upon turning 25. However, last year I turned 24 unemployed and living at home, so this year is somewhat of an improvement.

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Jenni said...

you know the band WIZO? they had a cool song called "unemployed"
it starts around minute 5, unfortunately the quality of the sound is bad