Sunday, September 10, 2006

My list of demands.

  • A High-Paying Job
    • Caveat: must be fun, not-evil, be loaded with vacation-time, and otherwise promote self-development.
  • An Apartment
    • Caveat: must meet numerous hard-to-find requirements, and have no problem with renting to the unemployed. Also, must cost no more than 4x my apartment in Kansas City.


Doug said...

good luck finding a "high paying job that's fun". I think those things are mutually exclusive.

my dad claims that salaries are not based on skill level or education or anything, but solely on the minimum that an employer can get away with paying someone.

ruth said...

oh, i am quite sure that's true. witness the number of 'industry' jobs on craigslist that literally pay "leftovers from catering."