Monday, June 11, 2007


Last night, I slept like shit.
I either dreamed I saw a cockroach in the bathroom, saw a cockroach in the bathroom, or hallucinated one.
I'm afraid I don't really know which it was. Actually, I am pretty sure I didn't dream it, because when I woke up, the bathroom door was shut. Usually, it's not, and I remembered shutting the door.
But, I wasn't wearing my contacts or glasses, so all I can be sure of is that I might have seen a black dot and I might have seen it move. I didn't get close to it, because I didn't want to be obligated to do something about it, naked and barefoot was I.
It occurred to me, as I finished up the night fitfully tossing and turning (oh, fitfully is totally redundant there, isn't it? Really, I could just say I finished the night fitfully, couldn't I? Or, obviously, tossing and turning)... The point is, though, that I kept drowsily thinking that I should have put a glass over the the alleged roach, and made Bill deal with it in the morning (note: should anyone accuse me of being a mean and/or demanding girlfriend, I could have woken him to deal with the offending creature)...
But, that brings me to my speculation that it might have been a dream-- after all, I am a mean and demanding girlfriend-- so if I saw a roach, why didn't I wake up my noble protector? Maybe I didn't see it after all...

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