Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OMG Nas-T!

I know I'm not like, the most hygiene-oriented on the block (but hey, to be fair, I do live in one of LA's most densely populated zip codes), but I just observed some shocking bathroom behavior, especially considering she wasn't in there alone and you know, this is an office environment.

Woman stops at printer, takes printed stuff into the bathroom, goes into stall with print-outs, pees, flushes, leaves.

Umm, I know that it would have been awkward to put the papers down while washing her hands and she probably would have gotten them wet. But I think the obvious solution there is to pick the stuff up at the printer after using the bathroom. Maybe I'm crazy.

But, it's not like I think what she did is so filthy-nasty. No, I just think this refusal to conform to hygienic convention is odd-- if not exactly notable. I mean, I entered the restroom right behind her, took the stall right next to hers, etc.

I probably am crazy, because seriously, who blogs about the bathroom habits of total strangers? I've never seen this lady before-- she stopped at the web development printer, so she's not in my crew. I admired her black suede platform shoes though, I admit it.

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