Thursday, July 26, 2007

days like these, etc.

this morning, i finally decided it was worth ironing this lovely silk skirt i bought at a sample sale in london several years ago.
after a lengthy hunt for the iron, i finally found it (why, boyfriend, would you have put it in the cabinet ABOVE the fridge?), and ironed the skirt.

I promptly spilled my breakfast on it. I rinsed the spot & decided it would be fine.

I start driving to work. I run my hands through my hair. It's still wet? Oh, no, I just have a big blob of conditioner left on top of my head.

I get to work, step out into the sun. The spot is totally still visible. After scrubbing the spot every few hours, it is virtually gone by the time I go to lunch, when I spill salsa on myself this time.

Just now, at 4:30, I notice, while in the bathroom, that my bra is plainly visible beneath my sweater. Let's hope everyone thinks that's intentional...

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