Saturday, June 11, 2011

A life update

So, apparently it's been over a year since I updated this blog. How bizarre.

I started a wedding planning tumblr. Yes, Bill and I are engaged. After 11 years of dating, and 7 of cohabitation. Despite our long ago commitment to each other, it is exciting.

Not sure what the point of resuscitating this blog is, exactly. Probably there is no point, except that I am under-programmed these days and have plenty of free time. Do I have any readers left? Will this show up on someone's RSS or whatever? Who knows!

Alas, I felt the urge to update. I got engaged, finished my master's, and got my thyroid out all in under a month. That month came to a close last Monday. Now I am effectively unemployed-- or at least, massively under-employed.

And I have my first job interview on Monday. And I realized, when pondering what to wear, that the suit I have was purchased in 2005, that I haven't gone on a job interview since 2007. So this weekend, I will figure out what to wear (not the suit-- it's too big now, anyway).

I wish I had not made this realization, as between 2004 and 2007, I went on dozens of interviews. I was a pro. Until I realized I hadn't had one in over four years, I felt pretty relaxed about the whole endeavor.

Alas, now I must put together an outfit, one that involves a scarf (which is itself a challenge) and thus disguises the falling off and crusty Steristrips that cover my surgical wound. Wish me luck.

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keiki on board said...

I love scarves and wear them all the time. Something silk or silk-like should do the trick. I saw on Fashion Police last night that "nautical" is very in for the summer (my tattoo just let out of a sigh of relief)
Welcome back to the blogosphere.