Friday, March 18, 2005

5 minute tipsy blog post...

So, to wrap things up! am currently done working in London, moving to Ireland on Tuesday. Am getting paid for the first time in my life for not working, do I ever love holiday entitlement!!!
My family visited Saturday to Thursday which was really nice. Highlights include Tropicana at the Shunt Vaults and Apple Crumble at St. Martin in the Fields.
Monday I saw Wilco for free and got free beer afterwards which made me feel like a real poseur but was cool anyhow.
Today, the weather is beautiful in London and I spent the afternoon in a canalside pub! Perfect!
Also, I saw the Joseph Beuys show, which was pretty damn good. Not everything stood out, but there were a few pieces that were capable of knocking one's socks off. Caravaggio this weekend!


Doug said...

Ruth, I need some pictures. I think I may die if I don't get some soon.

ruth said...

Man Doug, I hear you. But you see, I've moved to Dublin and I refuse to do something involving pictures at an internet cafe. Which the guy next to me obviously disagrees with, as he is looking at someone's ass at the moment.
Wednesday, I have a new temp job which may come with paint time!

askldjfkd said...

nuts on a cock