Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Well, blah. Not a lot worth updating about at the moment. The problem is this crap job, it sucks the life force right out of me. BUT the good news is that Friday is my last day working in the UK, then my mom and brothers will be here, and I will have a week off to play before moving on to Ireland.
This job is so draining that I cannot even be bothered to take the stamped and addressed postcards out of my purse and into the mailbox that I walk by several times a day.
However, Monday I got my haircut and that is really exciting. The lady that cut my hair looked a lot like Little Bo Peep but she sure knew what she was doing! I feel pounds lighter and am literally £40 lighter... my most expensive haircut by far but, I think, worth it. It's my first grown-up haircut, albeit grown-up in that hip London way. No more twee bobs or scraggly ends for me, oh no, I am all piecey and layered and sophisticated. In fact, yesterday 3 people stopped and asked me for directions, probably because I look so worldly. Or they just wanted to get into my pants. Who can say?

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