Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A poll!

So, I've been a little lazy about the updating lately. This is because I have a new job that keeps me busy hating others. I am doing 'data entry.' This really blows. But alas, it's just for a week and the pay is acceptable, so I can be brave.
So, no pictures because Paint doesn't look like Excel or Access. Blogger is a bit sneakier.
Bill and I had a lovely time in Glasgow, but it was not touristy enough so I couldn't EVEN FIND a dorky tee-shirt for Bill. They have a necropolis in Glasgow, which is strange. Like a cemetery, but better! Not as exciting as a crypt, to be sure, but with a better name.
In other news, two exhibitions have just come to London that I can't decide whether I should go to them or not. One, at the Tate Modern, Joseph Beuys. The other, at the National Gallery, Caravaggio. Now of course I want to go to both, but they cost approximately £8 each! That's like $15! And the thing is, I saw a lot of Caravaggio in Italy, so it will probably be a lot of repeats for me. Not that one can ever have too much Caravaggio, especially when you are filled with hate like I currently am. Joseph Beuys, on the other hand, I'm not sure if I even really like. I don't know very much about him. However, if I saw this exhibition, I would know for sure!
So, to keep things fun for my readers, I have made a poll. Please take it!

What should Bill and I do?

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Hopefully, next week I will be happily bored at work so I can draw you more pictures.


Joe M. said...

So, even though I just voted for "both," if you end up choosing one or the other, go with Beuys. You know what Caravaggio's all about. Plus, he's been dead for like, centuries. Yeah yeah, chiarascuro, killed a guy, blah blah blah. We get it. But Beuys is the new kid on the block, relatively. He does good stuff with fabric. Plus he totally made the Kunstakademie in Germany the place to be for contemporary art. Also, the Tate rules. I saw a Donald Judd show there last year and it totally changed my perspective.

ruth said...

Yeah, the Tate does rule. But almost everything there is free and the permanent exhibits are always changing, so it becomes really hard to convince yourself to spend the money. Did you make it to the Saatchi? I went there a few months ago and saw their permanent collection, which is mind-altering. However, I went to their new show, featuring 4 contemporary painters, and I found it hugely disappointing. Especially as it costs money.

stefanie said...

well, i also agree that you should see both, but i voted for beuys because joe really sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

also, i am truly sorry that your currentj job doesn't allow you to draw pictures. you were really developing a keen eye, until you did those leaning buildings last week. viva la paint!

Joe M. said...

I never meant to give anyone the impression that I know what I'm talking about.

No, I didn't make it to the Saatchi. Most of the week I was there we spent going to gay clubs, since that was the activity of choice for the friend we were visiting.

There's this old electric company building around the corner from my apartment in Chicago, and every time I walk past it, I think of the Tate and how I should turn this building in to a modern art museum. The problem is I have no money, and I think this building might still be in use. Fuck.

ruth said...

Did you go to Heaven? That club rocks!

Anonymous said...

Nathan is typing at the moment, has already typed when you read this and is about to type:

Wow, Ruth, I am impressed you actually made pictures. I faulted you with lacking the capacity to recognize brilliant advice when you heard it. True to my promise, I am now using less brain to laugh at you and your blog. The fact that you maintain a blog of such high quality is indicative of the intelligence withdrawal you must be suffering from due to your absence from my proximity. Fear not sister, the dry season is almost over.

Joe M. said...

No, I don't think we went to Heaven, but I seem to remember hearing about it. We did, however, make it to Bar G-A-Y, Club G-A-Y, The Ghetto, and Fiction at The Cross, which was my favorite.

Doug said...

Hey ruth,

love the blog. nice pictures.

askldjfkd said...

What's up Ruth. Sounds like you are having fun in England. Taking in any of the football while you're there? One of the best things about Europe is the football and all the underlying significances of it.
I had nothing better to say. Except that I'm going to put a link to your blog on mine.

MrSKINNY said...

how come u don't have an "Indifferent" or "I don't give a fuck" response? Cuz...I was looking for it.