Tuesday, July 12, 2005

3.2 miles and the mix cd

So, as of yesterday, I have a new job at a law firm on the other side of town from where I live. I live 30 minutes by foot southwest of the city, this job is 40 minutes southeast of the city. The job is fine (although they use dial-up, what?!?), but public transport leaves much to be desired, as the buses only go into the city and out of the city--never through the city or, as I would prefer in this case, under the city. In any case, I refuse to pay E2.60 to ride two buses, one in and one out, so I am now, as of yesterday after work, officially walking to work, as although my house is exactly 3.2 miles from my job, it still takes less time to walk here than it would to wait for two buses and ride on them in city traffic. Instead, I get to walk alongside a fairly disgusting but still pleasant canal, listen to my Discman, and hopefully look better in my new bikini when I hit the Eurobeaches during my upcoming travels. I feel very proud of myself for making this decision.
In any case, this morning I selected for my Discman a CD my dear friend Michael made me for my birthday last year. He also mailed it to me in England which makes him a lot better than most of you. And this CD was perfect--the absolute best thing for a morning walk. And even better, most of the music is new to me, and I realized that all the CDs Michael makes for me are like this. In fact, for the past 10 years now Michael has been making me mixes of genius. As I walked to work this morning, I thought to myself, Man, could this mix be any more me? I thought not. Then I thought, hell, I'll even write about it in my blog today! And then maybe more people will send me mix cds. But then I had the sad (in this case) realization that I will only be in Ireland for another 11 days, not enough time for such CDs to arrive to me. Which is too damn bad, really, because I have very few here with me and as I'll be spending much of the next two months on trains and buses, really too damn bad. So it turns out I can't even use this opportunity to hit you all up for music.
Of course, my next birthday is only 2 months and 2 weeks away... and I will be restored to my home state by then.


Joe M. said...

Can we get a tracklist on this perfect mix CD?

ruth said...

Yes you can! Another goodness of the Michael mix CD is that he always includes a listing.
But this will have to occur tomorrow as I chose a different CD for my walk today.

MrSKINNY said...

"another two months on trains and buses" Ruth? If you get blown to smithereens in a blast, I'll make you a CD for your requiem. (I sorta have a running list of songs I want played at my wake.)

But really, I owe a decent chunk of my musical taste, including most of my favorites, to YOU. You get what you give, that much is true.

PS: I'm sorry I didn't mail you the Architecture in Helsinki CD while you were in Ireland.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

Are you kidding. 11 days? I just wrote you a letter on my brand new edible kitty stationary that discussed how horrible I felt for not writing to you more often. DAMNIT! I am going to go and jump off a bridge now but Ill just send it to your address in KC if I can ever figure out when that is. Whatever. Im totally coming to Kansas in Sept anyway.

MrSKINNY said...

lol dainty...

ruth: and anyone else in my lil fanclub, my site had to be moved because of my mom's loitering on my blog. its one thing if she left funny comments and voted on me being a pornstar, but no, she was only there to spy. so my new address is http://wetfever.blogspot.com and i'll have another new one up soon... dual-blogging is in my near future! maybe ppl wanna make a group blog? cheers and ciaos